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Hutchings, Colonial Chaplain of the Anglican Church. The former is a Malay-medium school that uses Malay language as the primary language of instruction, whereas the latter uses either Chinese or Tamil. Are you for a one school system? The biggest barrier for sending kids to boarding school is the cost of tuition. Vernacular schools shouldn’t be closed because it’s important for Chinese and Indians to keep their culture living on. After World War II, the education system in Malaysia started to face the challenges of a mutual agreement on the language that unites us all. Can you imagine the uproar and disorder if you went down that path? There are widespread fears that the strengthening or even the presence of vernacular schools in Malaysia is antithetical to achieving national unity. It is not targeted at diminishing racial rights but we need to realise that is has been a big block in preventing racial unity in this country. The same goes for Chinese kid.” – KJ said during a debate against Rafizi Ramli in UK. In the 80s, matriculation was done by local universities… But Najib changed it. Copyright © 2020. Do you think vernacular schools should be maintained? However to protect mother-tongue education, the United Chinese School Teachers’ Association of Malaysia (UCSTAM) or Jiao Zong and later the United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (UCSCAM) or Dong Zong were established in response. Public primary schools in Malaysia are divided into two categories; National School and National-Type School (Vernacular schools), also known as Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (SRJK). I work in Dungun and was also raised here, all the races live in peace here and we respect each other. I studied in MRSM Kuantan where almost 99% of the students were Malay. * Dr Nur Farrah Nadia Najib works in Johor Baru. The debate on vernacular schools in Malaysia is often misleading, unconstructive and damaging. Issues surrounding vernacular schools have been a subject of contentious debate since the early stages of independence; with Ops Lalang being the biggest government crackdown in history against the opposition over the administration of … Perhaps dialectic. Rancangan Intergrasi Murid Untuk Perpaduan (RIMUD), This Malaysian company made a wireless charger… except you charge using WiFi, Happy Birthday KJ! So, to keep it in a nutshell, Malaysia has never been united in a “language” sense eversince independence day. “Must we abolish all other types of school for the one school system to exist? This interaction will later result in patriotism, helping each other and a deep sense of belonging to this country. Explore the latest in Malaysian architecture in ArchDaily's list of articles, projects, offices, interviews, and more from Malaysia. Malaysia Pre-School is a school for the education of very young children (generally five years of age and younger). I started asking the boy questions about his condition in Malay but he just stared at me blankly. Malaysia - Malaysia - Climate: Both peninsular and insular Malaysia lie in the same tropical latitudes and are affected by similar airstreams. Students in vernacular schools, especially Chinese schools, have very little exposure to other races, especially to Malays. The gomen also tried Rancangan Intergrasi Murid Untuk Perpaduan (RIMUD). If we look at the chronology of the development of the education system, we can clearly see which generation the grandmother and her grandson came from. I was quite astonished that this boy didn't even know simple words like “demam”, “batuk” or “selsema”. Image from timeout.com. My colleagues are also all Malay. Teo meanwhile said it would not be easy to abolish vernacular schools in Malaysia. However, since 2012, the teaching of Mathematics and Science has been reverted to Bahasa Malaysia in national schools; and Chinese and Tamil in vernacular schools. When I got to University Islam Antarabangsa, it was all Malays and international students. Vernacular schools are often neglected or treated with suspicion due to their ethnically Chinese or Tamil nature. They have high temperatures and humidities, heavy rainfall, and a climatic year patterned around the northeast and southwest monsoons. The main ethnic groups within Malaysia are the Malays, Chinese and Indians, with many other ethnic groups represented in smaller numbers, each with its own languages. However, in the main, they fail to attract non-Malay students and The debate on vernacular schools in Malaysia is often misleading, unconstructive and damaging. In fact I believe variety or diversity is a strength that is unique to Malaysia if addressed properly. Some may argue that vernacular schools also teach the Bahasa Malaysia subject, but learning the subject alone without interacting with each other at school is not going to serve the purpose of unity which needs to be nurtured from small. freemalaysiatoday.com KOTA KINABALU – The missing allocation for vernacular schools in Budget 2021 oppresses the Chinese community, said Sarawak’s Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong in criticism of the Perikatan Nasional government. These can just serve as choices for the society to pick what they think is best for them and their next generation. A multicultural country like Indonesia is another example of how racial and cultural differences are assimilated into a common Bahasa Indonesia. The vernacular languages which are used as the medium of instruction in the primary school mark one of the uniqueness in the Malaysian national education system. As for the vernacular schools and their system of teaching the language, Aniza advises vernacular school teachers to conduct more activities, be it in classrooms or during physical education, where it requires students to communicate more in Bahasa Melayu. In Singapore, vernacular education refers to education conducted in the native languages of the main resident communities, namely Malay, Chinese and Tamil. Public funding of Chinese vernacular schools was less than 4% despite these schools catering to 21% of the student population in Malaysia, says Azmil. Following unregulated preschool education a child enters primary school at age 7 for a period of 6 years. Our aim is to make mundane things like news and current events entertaining, and informative, hopefully in equal measure. In Malaysia, boarding schools are where both Malaysian and expatriate parents look to send their children for the level of education taught, and core values imparted on their children. If we are unable to interact with each other effectively, how can we develop the bonding, care and respect that we need for Malaysia to become a stable country? It may not be the main cause, but it should be given attention to strengthen racial harmony in Malaysia. I disagree that vernacular schools splits Malaysians up, because vernacular schools have existed for decades, and our society still live in harmony. With the growing demand for education, each ethnicity developed their own vernacular schools and curriculums under the British divide and rule policy. I studied primary school in Sekolah Rendah Balai Besar, secondary school in Sekolah Menengah Agama Sultan Ismail Dungun and later did SPM, STAM and Sijil Tahfiz at Institut al-Quran Terengganu. KUALA LUMPUR, June 29 — Malaysia should just allow vernacular schools where Chinese or Tamil language is used to teach to naturally take their course instead of demanding they be shut down, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz said today. Here’s 6 things you might not have known about Khairy Jamaluddin. During a debate with Rafizi Ramli in U.K, KJ presented his view on the situation. In a National Transformation 2050 forum, KJ even commented that for a single school system to exist, Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP) and all other types of vernacular schools would need to close down. During the British colonialisation, workers from China and India immigrate to the land of Malaya. A Decrease font size. There has to be a single school system so that all the races can understand each other better, and so that no race will feel left out. Only primary school education is compulsory in Malaysia, where multilingual public schools, private schools and home educators co-exist side by side. School represents a main social space in which students are able to mingle and interact with people using languages they are familiar with. This is later known as Dong Jiao Zong which is responsible until today for the fight for vernacular schools in Malaysia. “Malay schools were also vernacular schools at one time but became national schools after Bahasa Malaysia became the medium of instruction in English schools after Merdeka," he added. Under the national education system, … School bullying is an act that having physically, verbally, emotionally or electronically connections to the victim which connected to education. Before we go any further, we should make it clear that vernacular schools are schools that teach using their respective mother tongues, something that was first introduced during the British colonial times. 6-7 September 2015 – Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia Proceedings of ICIC2015 – International Conference on Empowering Islamic Civilization in the 21st Century e-ISBN: 978-967-13705-0-6 252 THE INFLUENCE OF SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS IN KUALA I am sure this situation has not occured in any other country in the world. I say this because much discourse and opinions about vernacular schools have a dangerous tendency to suffer from oversimplification; you are either for the vernacular school, or … Many Malaysians have resentment for other races, but they don’t want to admit it. Over the past three decades, the vernacular schools, especially the Chinese schools, have further developed and it is now common to see children … Based on my personal experience, there is peace between the races in Malaysia and there are no serious problems. The national, or official, language is Malay which is the mother tongue of the majority Malay ethnic group. You can read it here in BM.]. When you have all kaum categories in your office. Basically, the plan is to bridge the racial gap between students of different races, by using actual bridges. “Malay kid goes to Sekolah Kebangsaan kampung, doesn’t see a Chinese kid. We don’t want to admit to being racist, but we end up with stereotypical behaviour instead. Well, I was quite taken aback with the incident although I must admit that this isn't the first time something like this happened to me. Prof Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim once also proposed a single school system to ensure complete racial unity is achieved. This language is also known as a bridge language, ‘language of the Franks,’ common language or a trade language because it provides a way for different ethnicities to communicate. 4. The Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia (Hua Zong) requested the Ministry of Education (MOE) to provide further explanation following its guideline which set that the introduction of Jawi in vernacular schools will be taught in a particular school if 51 percent of more of the parents voted in favour of the motion. (Note: Tertiary education at higher educational institutions in Malaysia is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Higher Education) MOE sets in place a comprehensive schooling system from pre-school to secondary education, apart from its responsibilities of regulating the operations of all public and private-funded schools and educational institutions. *MRSM (Maktab Rendah Sains MARA) is a type of school for really smart Malay kids. There are more than 1,000 vernacular schools in Malaysia, compared with 10,000 national schools. Malaysia's vernacular school system under scrutiny - Duration: 1:52. If people are separated from young by different systems and language, it will be harder to achieve an understanding when they become adults.” – Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim, quoted from MStar. The education system is not the thing causing weak racial integration, but education in schools does shape our society. … In both these schools, Chinese were the majority and less than 10% were of other races. I believe if we manage to solve this issue, we will even bring the economic, knowledge and leadership gap in between different racial groups in Malaysia closer. One of the more vocal supporters for abolishing vernacular schools is none other than Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ), who has consistently pushed for a one school system for Malaysian students. The debate on vernacular schools in Malaysia is often misleading, unconstructive and damaging. In Malaysia national schools give … National schools are mainstream schools that cater to all races. Anyway, he said, disunity could not be solely attributed to the education system. * English law The common law of England does apply in Malaysia. There are interest groups that doesn't want to accept single national identity, but does not have enough statesmen to push Malaysia forward. If we look into history, the earliest development of the education system in Malaysia dated back to the 15th century in which formal education was still a privilege of feudal societies. Vernacular schools shouldn’t be closed down because it celebrates Malaysia’s diversity, especially that of Islam. Vernacular schools, a measure designed to promote a culture-based education, has become a bitter issue that many Malaysians find hard to swallow. Vernacular Education in Malaysia. Religious schools on the other hand need to encourage non-Muslim students to study in Islam religious schools. “Whether vernacular schools are part of our rich cultural mosaic or a hindrance to national unity are open questions. (Malaysian Digest) - Bumiputra students who attend vernacular school have a competitive advantage. In Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Gombak, 100% of us were Malay. The gomen’s starting a Bumi quota for importing beef! “The training and experiences learned from PLKN will instill unity, character, and leadership qualities in our trainees that will benefit them their entire life.” – Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri, deputy Defense Minister, quoted from Sinar Harian. More like, why not?! Vernacular schools would then experience a natural death, they said. Connection.my – Projek Direktori Pelajar Malaysia; SMJK School Portal; UCSCAM; Direktori Sekolah Menengah Persendirian Cina This article includes an education-related list of lists: This page was last edited on 12 October 2020, at 05:18 (UTC). On the other hand, CEO of IDEAS (Institute for Democracy and Economic Affair), Wan Saiful Wan Jan thinks that instead of closing vernacular schools, we should be improving the quality of schools we currently have. In Malay vernacular schools, the curriculum was rather elementary and sufficed to meet the needs of the kampung folk. Going back to Khairy: "To abolish vernacular schools, who has the political courage to do that? It’s a good idea to set up a one school system, but it doesn’t have to come at the price of closing vernacular schools down, including SBP and MRSM. Student should also study about other religions in these schools. The Barnes Report in 1951 states that all primary vernacular schools became national schools to use one single standardised system with bilingual languages (Malay and English). Although the newly independent country identified that language disunity is a problem early on, which was stated in The Razak Report Clause 12 “the ultimate objective of educational policy in this country must be to bring together the children of all races under a national educational system in which the national language is the main medium of instruction...”, sadly due to strong protest from the non Malay communities, the 'ultimate objective' was not included in the new Education Ordinance 1957. Image from slideshare.net. The city state abolished vernacular schools in 1987 and made English the main language of instruction, and its education system is widely commended. Naturally, he received some backlash for his comment. I could have tried speaking in English but this poor grandma will be more confused then. The oldest English-language school in Malaya is the Penang Free School, founded in 1816, followed by Malacca High School, St. Xavier's Institution, King Edward VII School (Taiping) and Anglo Chinese School, Klang. To some degree, vernacular schools do contribute to the problem of unity. In Malaysia’s case, mother-tongue education can be guaranteed too and a system devised whereby there is transition from vernacular to national schools over, say, five years. For instance, in a country like Kenya, there are many vernacular languages that people from different ethnic groups use, but English and Swahili represents o… The schools I was in were 100% Malays. The vernacular schools were created specifically for specific ethnic and cultural communities in Malaysia — the Chinese and Indians. ** This is the personal opinion of the writer or organisation and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail. Here’s why it could be a good thing. “Malaysia’s racial problem is caused by policies.” – Faiz Azmi (27), Sekolah Maktab Rendah Sains MARA *MRSM (Maktab Rendah Sains MARA) is a type of school for really smart Malay kids. The way it is now, it’ll be a long time before a solid decision can be made. But when it comes to whether to end vernacular schools or not, opinions were more mixed than the feelings this nasi lemak cake induces. I then reassured the grandma that I appreciate her being able to converse in Bahasa Malaysia and throughout the consultation she was able to interact well. Malaysians are tied to the social contract, that everyone agreed to a long time ago. Being quite closely tied to the matter of race, the topic of vernacular schools is a sensitive one. Two to three different schools will be built in the same compound, and they are joined together using “link-ways“. The command of Mandarin helps them to build solidarity between races and communicate better,… A Redefined Perspective of Vernacular Schools It’s just that sometimes, some issue gets very heated and that stirs everyone a bit. The earliest development of the education system in Malaysia can be traced to the 15th century in which receiving formal education was still a privilege of feudal societies. Racial relations are very harmonious here, and I think it’s the same in Malaysia. All rights reserved. Here at CILISOS, we believe that the only way to consume information is with a serious dose of flavour. I say this because much discourse and opinions about vernacular schools have a dangerous tendency to suffer from oversimplification; you are either for the vernacular school, or … The vernacular schools were created specifically for specific ethnic and cultural communities in Malaysia — the Chinese and Indians. Besides, having different kinds of schools around creates healthy competition. The strategies to enhance education excellence to a higher level are spelt out in the National Education Blueprint 2006-2010. How can a teenage boy, living in Malaysia with Bahasa Malaysia as the Bahasa Kebangsaan not understand a single word of Malay? The other races have to acknowledge the special rights of Bumiputeras, and the Bumis cannot prevent the non-Bumis from practicing their language and culture and setting up SJK schools.

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