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E. None of these describe the process of organizational socialization. increase job satisfaction of middle management, Strategic planning as a broad concept consists of ______, a. corporate strategy and business strategy, b. strategy formulation and strategy implementation, d. environmental analysis and internal analysis. 43)_____________________ deals with how the social perceiver uses information to arrive at causal explanations for events. D. All of these occur.
 C. newcomers with diverse work experience.
 C. when employees in the acquired firm want to hold on to their firm's culture even though it does not fit the external environment.
 They’re flexible, open to change, and like to explore. A. becomes more misaligned with its external environment.
 B. avoid employment in companies whose values seem incompatible with their own values.
 Humber College. E. It does none of these things. 136. When merging two organizations, a separation strategy is most commonly applied when: 
 A. shared values.
 Which of the following statement is consistent with the attraction-selection-attrition (ASA) theory? A. an adaptive culture.
 Company history.
 A. organizational culture
 147. 169. 
 B. it is deeply held by most employees across the organization.
 D. The actions of the company's founder
 E. organizational diagnosis. 112. 46) Putting people into a convenient group on basis of some characteristics and make an assumption to perceive is called as, a) Stereotyping b) Perception c) Perceiving d) Group perception, 47) Stereotyping generally affects the ________________________, a) Organization Structure b) Behavior c) Interpersonal Relations d) Communication, 48) “Girls are not good at sports” is an example of, a) Perceptionb) Halo effectc) Stereotypingd) Individual Personality, 49) _______________ is our perception of one personality trait influences how we view a person’s entire personality.a) Perceptionb) Halo effectc) Stereotypingd) Individual PersonalityAnswer: b) Halo effect, 50) _________________ is the process of stimulating people to actions to accomplish the goals.a) Bonusb) Motivationc) Performance-based Incentived) Promotion, 51) __________ contains the theories which gives an Idea about what employees wants or needs.a) Expectancy theoryb) Maslow theoryc) Process Theoryd) Content TheoryAnswer: d) Content Theory, 52) Which of the following is not an example of Content Theory?a) Maslow Theoryb) Herzberg’s Theoryc) Expectancy theoryd) Alderfer’s ERG theoryAnswer: c) Expectancy theory. Which of the following represents the correct sequencing of historical developments of Organisational Behaviour? C. Pre-employment
 Which of the following represents a type of vaccination by preparing job applicants for the more challenging and troublesome aspects of work life? An organization's dominant culture is: 
 Which type of socialization agent usually provides new employees with technical information, performance feedback, and information about job duties? a) Organisational behaviour is an integral part of management, b) Organisational behaviour is a disciplinary approach, c) Organisational behaviour helps in analysis of behaviour, d) “Organisational behaviour is goal-oriented. 166. 
 E. All of these occur. Which of the following is NOT considered a strategy for changing and strengthening an organization's culture discussed in your textbook? United FiberTech probably has: 
 E. Transforming artifacts C. language.
 C. They create organizations where unethical behaviour is tolerated.
 28. B. B. artifacts.
 C. corporate gardener metaphor theory.
 High rate of ______________ increase cost and tend to place less experienced employee in job, 6. A. both companies have relatively weak cultures that are generally ineffective.
 E. individuals who retain their personal identity. C. artifacts
 C. espoused values.
 Organizational stories are most effective at communicating organizational culture: 
 A. When should organizations leverage the benefits of reality shock? C. an external focus on the needs of customers and other stakeholders.
 C. Separation
 b) How resources are effectively managed. 146. B) motivate others. Students of MBA, BBA, B Com, M Com and other streams can practice these Organisational BEhaviour MCQ quiz for exam preparation.

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