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Although an opossum has teeth and claws, it rarely uses them, preferring the strategy of diversion to save itself. For such tiny creatures with many natural predators, the Possum Spirit has a highly social and curious mind. Happy is the child who has in his heartsuch feelings towards God, and who finds pleasure in praying to him,from day to day; he has been taught by the Holy Spirit, and is preparingto meet God in peace. It was cold, rainy and dark. The meaning of the opossum warns you to expect the unexpected, and to always be on the lookout for deceptions and lies. “Possum” or “Opossum,” no matter what way you spell it, most folks have heard the adage “playing Possum.” The term refers to the Possum’s behavior of faking death as a strategy to ward off would-be predators. The word for "opossum" was among the Powhatan words first recorded by English colonists at Jamestown, variously spelled opassom, aposoum or apasum. If the latter, Possum may say, “Lie still and play dead.” Use the time to think of alternatives and genuinely assess the hidden matters of your circumstances. In Australian Astrology, January is the month of the Possum. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. If all else fails, Opossum plays dead. They enjoy going into our gardens and destroying our plants and vegetables. I pulled him by his/her tail to the side of the road and prayed that he/she had passed. Thankfully, the Bible tells us we can have the hope of a day when the rotting opossum shall be no more. It may seem problems “go away” when we adopt passive behavior, but the more accurate truth is- the problem has not gone away… we have. by Imelda Green Last UpdatedFebruary 27, 2019, 4:18 pm. When considering whether to engage in a new venture or not, examine if you have all the support you need before diving all into exploratory waters. The O (p)ossum as Your Totem/Spirit Animal. It may seem problems “go away” when we adopt passive behavior, but the more accurate truth is- … The Opossum teaches us to use our brains rather than our brawn. an adolescent opossum is symbolic of life changes that can affect adult life. Eshay Astro & Philosophy Recommended for you. Like the opossum that carries its young inside sacks on their bodies, you are very protective of those you love. Possum spirit animal symbolizes nuisance disturbance to humans. But this term is extremely misleading. I am trying to find the symbolism and the positive frame to this experience and would love anyone’s opinion on the matter. 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "totem spirituel" de rajon sur Pinterest. I kept others from hitting it, not wanting it to be in more pain (though it probably would have helped put it out of it’s misery) I didn’t know what to do. Interestingly, during the war, the Native American warriors learned and utilized the ‘play-dead’ trick from the opossum for many centuries. Trust your instincts on what feels right for you and you can't go wrong. The police told him to stay off my property because he was trespassing. A picture of a possum playing dead doesn’t … The Possum Spirit Animal, likewise, protects people young in spirit who are embarking on a soulful quest. on WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com! As a totem, possums attract people who are resourceful, able to easily adapt, and folks who are fiercely protective of their family. Health and Fitness it did this on one side of my building, went to my side of the condos and then off into the bushes. As wise and experienced you are in life, you will not have everything figured out. Call on Possum Energy and Medicine when you need to come back to life, especially after an overwhelming time in your life. Plus, Mammal in Celtic & Native American Symbols and Dreams, too! Symbols cannot be completely defined by words but your higher mind and heart speak the language. australian possum spiritual meaning. If you were born in January, you’re a determined, hands-on individualist with keen instincts. Nonetheless, the Animal is one that will help and protect their young because of their vulnerability. Mar 12, 2015 - You are highly intelligent and prefer to use your brains and your wits as opposed to your physical strength to get what you desire.

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