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Living in Costa Rica and hosting friends from the States regularly, an affordable road less traveled that leads to three towns would be: 1. The town is relatively big for Costa Rica, meaning there is a lot more to do when it comes to excursions, nightlife, water sports, and eating. An easy drive from the capital of San José, Jacó is a relaxed beach town well-known for its carefree surfer vibe and nightlife. 5 Easy to Get to Beach Towns in Costa Rica Jaco. Don't miss this up and commer. Therefore, it is very important you f… It’s also a quick drive across the border into Panama, where you can access some stunning landscapes, like Bocas del Toro. All beaches can be accessed by long walks on the shore around rocky points or on back roads on a bicycle. “ What I love from the beaches at Costa Rica is also that at the back of the beach, you find plenty of trees that gives you shelter from the sunrays and a very fresh staying. Check them out fast The home has a great open f... Free 200+ Page Report: Top 57 Places to Live & Invest. The popularity of the area makes it a solid place for investing in tourism. Offshore banking isn't just for the super rich. No-hype updates & resource guides. Tilaran, Guanacaste. discovers the heat of their villages. Choice of schools for the children 4. You can also hike to a set of scenic waterfalls that are surrounded by natural pools, which are perfect for swimming and picnicking. If you’re seeking an “Eat Pray Love” vibe, Nosara is your spot. The community here is infectious with a weekly farmer’s market, community garden project, community dinners, and events at Om Yoga. The water on the beach is constantly warm and the coral seascape is perfect for snorkeling. The only book in the world that ranks investment and lifestyle in one place. Here are five you might want to check out. (If relaxing by the pool is more your thing, book a room at the Instagram-worthy Makanda by the Sea.). Its greenery, mountainous terrain and strong winds were a surprise. Top 57 Places to Live & Invest in the Tropics. Filters. Travelers flock to Costa Rica for its flora, fauna, and, of course, beaches. This gorgeous shoreline with great surfing and incredible wildlife has lured expats for decades. Many of the top destinations are in nearby Latin America. This small town gives off a distinct island vibe and is … Surf schools are everywhere as well as surf camps for kids. It is a great place for families as there are tons of activities for kids as well. Located in the Guanacaste Province, this town... 3. Thanks to its two distinct coastlines, a visitor could return to the country year after year and still uncover something new on every trip. Plus, the capital, San Jose, is just an hour and a … Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is set on Costa Rica’s under-visited Caribbean coastline, about a four-hour drive from San José. Museums, art galleries, and exhibitions and other important amenities to some. It’s next to impossible to understand market prices in Costa Rica….until now. It … These beach towns offer some of the most accessible expat communities in the country and are a great place to consider if you have dreams of relocating to Costa Rica. Though it has become a popular tourist destination, Montezuma manages to maintain the laid-back hippie roots that made it popular in the first place. At more populated spots on the beach locals, expats, and tourists play games of volleyball or take kayaks and stand up paddleboards out into the ocean. Large home with great homeschooling space – 300m from the beach. Period. Nearby beaches also offer a variety of breaks for those looking to really challenge themselves. In addition to having some of the most versatile and consistent surf in all of Costa Rica, it also has a well established expat scene. “ In Costa Rica "beach front" is a little different than Mexico "beach front" In costa rica beaches are exclusively public property right up to where the sand stops. Costa Rica is rich with natural beauty and scenic landscapes, but Limón stands out as one of the absolute most impressive places to live. It is close by to other towns worth a half day visit, i.e. The many nearby beaches are great for hiking and exploration including Playa Carillo known for its crocodile sightings, Playa Buena Vista, and Playa Barrigona where Mel Gibson owns a home. It is a quaint hotel that can be reached by a short plane ride that sits on a bay. Costa Rica is all about natural beauty and there are many small towns to visit. Positioned along the eastern coast of Costa Rica, it is one of the most beautiful regions in the country. Property types. The Tranquility Suite at Costa Rica Yoga Spa, La Sula Sea Lounge at Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel, 11 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Costa Rica, 6 of the Best Adults-Only Hotels on the Beach in Costa Rica, Top Hotels in Costa Rica With Private Plunge Pools, 5 Luxury Hotels in Costa Rica and Their Cheaper (But Similar) Alternatives, The 15 Naughtiest Hotels in the World, Ranked, 13 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers on Amazon, How to Have Plugged-in Fun in the House: 10 Unexpected Gadgets. Over 200 information packed pages with hundreds of beautiful photos. This can make for a much easier transition for those with hesitations about moving abroad. Perched upon a hill in the treetops of Guiones, the ... Tucked just behind the North Guiones headland is this beautiful 6 bedroom home. I am by no means here to detour anyone from living by the beach, nor do I have something against the beach or the people who have decided that the best place to live in Costa Rica is the beach and are loving life there! Puerto Viejo de Talamanca The most popular beach destination on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast is Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. Jaco is the closest beach town to San Jose and the surfing mecca of the country, making it a popular destination... Tamarindo. Driving: Around 3 hours from Costa Rica Why you should visit Monteverde: Monteverde is one of the top destinations in Costa Rica and even though I spent a brief 24 hours here it was one of my favorites.It is high up in the mountains so driving here requires a great deal of attention and care down a long, windy, dirt road. Oceanview house, walking distance to the beach! Central America ; Costa Rica ; Costa Rica Hotels ; Cheap Resorts in Costa Rica ; View map. Home > Posts > Costa Rica > What are the Best Beach Towns for Expats in Costa Rica? Properties taking safety measures. Swimming in turquoise waters, napping under palm trees (watch out for the coconuts! Traditional Costa Rican rice and beans are steamed in coconut milk, reggae plays in the streets, and coconut curry with lobster is sold from big pots on the beach.

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