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"unitOfMeasure": "", Thank you for the hard work you put into it. Farmhouse Desk. I’m already thinking of my next project that I could use it on! "displayable": true, }, }, Now available in 40 colors and 4 designer style color palettes. , { This post and video are AMAZING!! Color. "storeDisplay": false, "identifier": "1 Quart", One of the lighter brown wood stain colors is Minwax Early American. }, It's my first time making wood signs and I purchased Provincial by Minwax. "comparable": true, "displayable": true, And if you need tips for creating a beautiful, stained finish, check out how to stain wood. Container Size: 1 Quart. Follow along on Instagram and Pinterest for my latest projects, fun updates, and sneak peeks! Now check your email to confirm your subscription. It’s always my go to color when I need a wood tone color that will go with almost any design plan. "usage": "Defining", After you pick your stain color, make sure to sand the wood well when preparing your project for stain! Thank you! [ ] "unitOfMeasure": "", I applied minwax classic gray and weathered oak. }, "name": "Container Size" I bought Jacobean to mix with the grey, what are your thoughts?? Actually, I should say “partial” coffee table, I made this coffee table for an HGTV show more than a decade ago, but the green tile top had since been dropped and broken. "identifier": "ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_", Minwax Design Series washes, wood effects and waxes offer new options for bare wood and wood that's already stained. }], }, Please contact your store or rep for more information. It’s nice that you only need one coat with this Varathane stain, but I actually added a second light coat on this sample to get a better sense of the color. "languageCode": "fr_CA" "name": "Base", Jacobean is a beautiful, rustic color that reminds of cabin colors! "storeDisplay": false, "defaultDisplayFlag": "false", "87712": "PCP_27429", This was my first time using it and it was a reader favorite. "storeDisplay": false, Minwax® Wood Finish™ A penetrating oil-based wood stain, available in 25 wood tone colors that can be used to enhance any wood surface. "Base_White": 63 To view in a language other than USA - English, please select the appropriate country and language from the drop down menus. } { "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_": "1 Quart", What a dramatic difference — and … "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" "ItemImage": "//sherwin.scene7.com/is/image/sw/paint_template-1?layer=comp&wid=250&fmt=jpeg&qlt=92%2c0&op_sharpen=0&resMode=sharp2&op_usm=0.0%2c0.0%2c0%2c0&iccEmbed=0&printRes=150&_tparam_layer_1_src=sw/Water_Based_Stain_Clr_large", It’s the perfect, medium-dark wood stain with golden highlights that show through the wood grain. "comparable": true, Minwax has the perfect wood stain colour for every project. It reminds me of a tree bark color with the dark tones and it’s definitely one of the darkest stain color favorites. And make sure to stir it really well before using since it’s a thicker stain and all the color is at the bottom! Your Cart "Base":"ATT_calc_base_name_or_package_color_" I would sand down the old finish but you can try and see how it looks just going over it first and you may like how it turns out before you go ahead and sand the existing. } When I stained my Pine wood, it seemed darker than what you had in your pictures, not like a rich brown more of a darker grey brown. "displayable": true, Log in or register to post comments; Welcome, I'm Ana White. Use our stain colour guide to pick the right stain colour for your wood projects including hardwoods. Your options may be adjusted based on color selection. "uniqueID": "7000000000000005584" "name": "Base", I used Minwax Early American on our DIY bathroom vanity and loved how it turned out: Special Walnut by Minwax is a lighter, brown walnut color. "uniqueID": "7000000000000364116" "sequence": "175.00000", It looks a bit darker on pine, but still very pretty! I actually used two coats on this sample as well even though it’s advertised as a one coat stain. "isDiscontinued": "false", "values": [{ With Minwax® wood stains, there’s a color to suit every style. Minwax … [ "identifier": "ATT_calc_size__volume_or_weight_+_item_", "usage": "Defining", Copyright © 2020 Angela Marie Made | Trellis Framework by Mediavine. "uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" For more info see my disclosures here. "uniqueID": "7000000000004438940" }], Here is a photo of Minwax English Chestnut on our DIY vertical planter stand, which was made with cedar wood. I picked these colors based on my tried and true favorites, readers favorites (based on an Instagram poll), and what seems to be popularly used. Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. "facetable": false, Also, if you need tips on staining, see my how to stain wood tutorial and the best way to apply wood stain. "469753": "9405382", Or is there a classic, wood stain color that you love that I haven’t included here?! "partNumber": "9146333", It think it looks even better when it’s finished with an oil based polyurethane which really enhances the dark walnut color and the grain of the wood. "Attributes": { If there’s one stain color that truly sounds like the name of it, I think it’s Minwax English Chestnut. "name": "Base" When you want to showcase your creative side, choose Minwax ® water-based stains for vibrant colors ranging from blues and greens to reds and pinks. Also, do I have to take off the stain I already did or can I just put the new color over it? Hi There! … "identifier": "1 Quart", "469753": "PCP_27429", "catentry_id": "469753", PaintPerks® Terms & Conditions, generated on: Fri Dec 04 20:29:24 CST 2020. "defaultSKU": "true", I am going to be staining a stool w/ 2 different stains.1 stain for a section and the other for another section of the stool.Do you feel that dark walnut and early american stain is a good combination? { Now to also decide on which one makes the adjoining kitchen floor in maple look close to its neighboring oak floors! "facetable": true, Minwax Gel Stain is specifically designed to give you full control over the staining process and help you achieve beautiful results. } It really helps with the staining process. "attributes": [ "87712": "9146333", Its unique non-drip formula makes application easy for vertical surfaces. "usage": "Defining", In my experience the pre conditioner does not change the color, and prevents dark blotching.

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