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It’s important to understand what pet business insurance does and doesn’t cover to see if it is appropriate for your kennel or cattery. To qualify, your dog must be physically sound and in good health. ", "I had an urgent contractual requirement for insurance in December to pay before the end of the year. ", "Great streamlined process. 3. This policy, also called professional liability insurance, can cover lawsuits related to work mistakes, such as a pet sitter forgetting to stop by a client’s home. Complete Insureon's online application and contact one of our licensed insurance professionals to obtain advice for your specific business insurance needs. Liability insurance usually costs over £100 a year, according to our guide to the average cost of cover. How much is insurance for a boarding kennel or cattery? Are there children in the house and will your dog be happy? Although other products may not be mandatory, business insurance can cover expensive claims, from legal expenses to damage to your property or covering costs if a pet in your care dies or needs vet treatment. If you own a pet and are looking for pet insurance you may want to check that it includes cover for emergency boarding or pet minding. I told him what I needed, and ultimately I had a certificate of insurance in a matter of hours. Compare multiple quotes from top carriers with one application. for details of our permissions, history and contact details. Under certain circumstances and with the Insurer’s approval, insurance can be extended to a dog while in some foreign countries. We appreciate your service. Pet boarding insurance covers legal costs and protects against accidents, such as a dog escaping your kennel or a cat scratching an employee. I loved every second dealing with her. We offer a variety of insurance options to suit your dog-related business needs with affordable pricing. We partner with trusted A-rated insurance companies, "Denise Smith is a breath of fresh air. Time To Pet highly recommends that pet sitters and dog walkers carry some form of Pet Sitting Insurance to help mitigate their risk. I have saved hundreds in taxes. Pet Boarding Insurance Protects Business Owners from Unexpected Disasters & Closure For business owners that own dog daycares, kennels, or pet boarding businesses, you will need to be completely insured and covered to avoid any emergencies that may arise. Doggy Day Care Insurance / Boarding Kennel Insurance Business Insurers of the Carolinas has been a proud provider of insurance and bonding coverage specifically designed … Our pet insurance can cover pet minding that is required as the result of an unplanned hospital visit. Without needed liability coverage, sitters are taking a huge risk. See business insurance requirements in your state. Everything that is offered by our boarding catteries and kennels insurance is listed below, and you can arrange a call back from our … Bundle with property insurance for savings in a business owner’s policy. Whether you do pet sitting in your home or own a grooming shop, you’re responsible for protecting yourself and your clients’ pets. You’ll need to supply information about the size of your business (employees, turnover, number of pets you’ll be looking after) and the levels of insurance you want. It’s an advantage to your pet sitting business to be bonded because it automatically gives your customers a higher level of trust in your business. Dog kennel and cattery businesses have a range of insurance options that are worth considering. Family pet boarding insurance policy, also referred to as canine boarding insurance coverage is among the most significant items to possess like a dog company owner. ", "We needed quotes fast and coverage even faster. A BOP is often the most cost-effective type of business insurance for pet care professionals. You can get an online quote from companies like Petplan Sanctuary and others we’ll look at below. Workers’ compensation insurance is required in almost every state for pet care businesses that have employees. If you have employees or volunteers it’s a legal requirement to have employers’ liability insurance. Trupanion. It usually features cover for veterinary fees, the death of a cat or dog, theft and straying, loss of boarding fees, advertising and reward for a lost animal, and animals in transit. 2. The dog is insured while in the Continental U.S. and Canada. It can cover medical costs for work-related injuries. Business insurance companies often sell of these products as part of a package so you can pick and choose the cover you want. Damage for loss to Property in your Care, Custody and Control (CCC): This provides coverage if you provide boarding, grooming, and pet sitting services that place a client's dog in your care. The plan provides excellent coverage for business liability including pets in your care and fidelity bonding. What insurance do I need for a kennel or cattery? Having insurance in place can also reassure customers, some of whom may not use a company that does not have appropriate cover. Some local authorities may require you to have liability insurance if you’re setting up a kennel or cattery or if you’re running a pet home boarding business. Our specifically designed pet sitting insurance policy has been developed for your pet business and can be tailored to suit your own … We've ranked and reviewed the best pet insurance policies for dogs. Telephone: +44 (0)1284 736 874. info@petbusinessinsurance.co.uk To get a quote you may need to speak to someone on the phone to give them details of your business. Pet Sitting Insurance can give you financial protection if an accident occurs and having insurance can also provide you, … Whether you care for a cat or dog while their owners are at work or are away over the holiday period, we can tailor cover to best meet your needs. The cost of boarding kennel or cattery insurance will depend on the size of your business. Most people don't love that, but Denise made the experience exceptional. Pet Business Insurance provides specialised pet sitting insurance for individuals running pet boarding, minding and pet sitting services across the UK. ABOUT PET BUSINESS INSURANCE As our name suggests, Pet Business Insurance specialises in providing insurance cover for all types of pet businesses. The options I was given were based on my company's needs. Fill out one application to receive multiple quotes. Pet boarding insurance, also known as dog boarding insurance is one of the most important things to have as a pet business owner. Do they have any other pets? Our Canadian Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Insurance Plan has been tailored specifically with the needs of you sitters and walkers in mind. Managing a lot of pets with many different breeds and varying degrees of behavior in one place at a time requires specific knowledge. Trupanion is a trusted company for pet insurance. Workers compensation coverage: If you have employees who might be … Bundle with property insurance for savings in a business owner’s policy. Quick, easy, and support is very helpful. All content and materials are for general informational purposes only. Address: 1-10 Summers Street, London EC1R 5BD. Your dog will be comfortable with them, making the transition much easier. Additional business activities, such as a dog walking , can also be included depending on your needs. Its policies are customizable so you … General liability insurance This policy covers common pet care risks, such as a dog or cat being injured while in your care. It also requires specialized boarding insurance to protect you against the liability of accidental injury or loss of the pets themselves while … Petplan Sanctuary ... We offer information about costs, how to start up a pet walking business, and what dog walking in... What insurance do I need for pet sitting? The levels of cover you need will depend on the size of your business. "We both have medical conditions but you have made it possible for us to travel because of your sensible rates to give you an example one ...". If you’re an employee of a cattery or kennel you won’t need to buy insurance, however, it may be worth checking the company you’re working for has employers’ liability cover, it’s a legal requirement. Dog sitting insurance is designed to cover you when you are looking after a pet either at the home of the owner or in your own home. Are they pre… I received the policy in record time. Liability insurance usually costs over £100 a year, according to our guide to the average cost of cover. This policy covers common pet care risks, such as a dog or cat being injured while in your care. Whether you are a home-based business, have a commercial business location or are an independent contractor, we can provide you with an insurance policy that fits your … You can buy Dog Walking insurance in the UK from the following companies: Bought By Many Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with number 7886430. Dog Day Care Insurance is a must have when owning a dog kennel business or pet boarding business. Or else correctly protected with all the correct kind of family pet boarding insurance policy it might create a dog boarding service proprietor to visit from company or even trigger serious economic reduction. ", "Raynaldo made quick work of things. If you are not properly covered with the right type of pet boarding insurance it could cause a pet boarding facility owner to go … So, it’s likely a pet boarding company with a full range of business insurance policies will pay a few hundred pounds. So, it’s likely a pet boarding company with a full range of business insurance policies will pay a … Plus you know they will be in safe hands so you can enjoy your holidays. : (714) 695-1127 Dog boarding insurance policy, also called canine boarding insurance coverage is among the most significant items to possess like a family pet company owner. Home boarding insurance from Petplan Sanctuary offers a range of cover if your business involves caring for other people's pets in your own home. Compare quotes from trusted U.S. carriers Pet boarding professionals can compare insurance quotes from top U.S. carriers online with Insureon. THANK YOU. Your Dog Boarding Insurance policy protects you and your business should an animal in your care or a member of the public be injured as a result of your business activities. Read our review of Petplan Sanctuary to see its cover limits. Animal bailee coverage is one of the options we discuss. Dog walkers' insurance Insurance for dog walkers, from just £90 a year* We pay out on 99% of claims 1; Tailor your insurance with public liability cover, employers’ liability – and more; Get expert guidance from our legal and tax advice helpline; Flexibility to change your … Our policy will cover you to carry out up to 14 different pet business activities at no extra cost. ", "The response time was almost immediate. Pet sitter liability insurance: This coverage protects you against claims that you are at fault for injuries or property damage while working as a pet sitter. This typically includes lost keys, fire damage from negligence, and medical expenses for the pet in the event of injury. It can pay out for claims relating to damage to your building or stock, loss of money, loss or theft of keys, and mobile equipment that will be used away from your business. Members of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters (NarpsUK) can get discounted insurance if they are a pet sitter but dog kennel and cattery owners will not receive a discount. Home Boarding Insurance. She is a rock star! How do I get a certificate of liability insurance? Insureon helps pet care professionals compare insurance quotes from top U.S. carriers online. Forget juggling childcare – doggy daycare is an issue that many pet owners struggle with every da... Find out what you need to start your own mobile dog grooming business in the UK. What insurance do you need to work in a cattery or kennel? Why dogs in the office and pet work benefits are getting more pawpular. ", Compare pet care business insurance quotes. Pet Sitter Insurance Versus Bonding Bonding, which is regarded as fidelity bonding in the pet sitting industry, is a type of business insurance that protects customers from theft by employees. Bought By Many Ltd is authorised and regulated The business will need employers’ liability insurance even if you’re volunteer. Whether you actually own a pet sitting business, or simply do a little minding part-time, you will for sure want to consider having the proper insurance to protec t you just in case anything should go wrong. Here’s a breakdown of the core insurance products that may be of value: Insurance can also cover costs relating animals in your care. Several factors will have an impact on insurance costs, including: The information provided on this website does not constitute insurance advice. Whether you run a dog walking business, a pet sitter, a doggie daycare or a kennel, KennelPro understands that comprehensive insurance coverage is key. Key factors to consider when asking a friend to dog sit: 1. | How much does Pet Sitting insurance cost? Get several quotes with one application. The cost of boarding kennel or cattery insurance will depend on the size of your business. by the Financial Conduct Authority - Register number 652623. Our insurance packages provide liability insurance coverage for your business. Protecting over 10,000 Pet Businesses across the UK* Whether you run a business as a professional dog walker, dog groomer, pet sitter or any other pet care service, we can provide the required insurance policy to protect you if things go wrong. Or else correctly protected with all the correct kind of dog boarding insurance coverage it might result in a dog boarding service proprietor to look away from company or even result in serious economic reduction. Insureon has helped pet care professionals secure more than 500 policies. How do I get insurance for a boarding kennel or cattery? It’s worth considering whether you need insurance for your buildings and property. This register can be checked Where you operate a commercial licensed boarding kennel or cattery, Cliverton can provide a specialist, tailor-made kennel and cattery insurance policy to suit your requirements. You can get online quotes from companies such as Petplan Sanctuary, Protectivity, Pet Business Insurance and Cliverton. PRO fur can help you protect your business and your furry friends with a policy that’s customized to protect pet boarding operations. This policy bundles commercial property and general liability insurance in one plan. Whether you’re a pet groomer, dog walker, pet sitter, dog trainer or pet therapist, provide pet boarding, pet daycare, or a combination of pet care services – let PROfur’s history of happy customers, broad coverage and trusted advice work for you. When looking for a place for your dog to stay while you are on holiday, the first option to consider is friends and family. The table below outlines all the available cover for your home boarding business in detail. Kennel Insurance plans include coverage for property and general liability with the following coverage enhancements included: animal bailee, pet groomers / boarding facility professional liability, replacement cost for your buildings and personal property, business income/extra expense, crime/employee dishonesty coverage, and much more. Most pet business insurance companies offer home boarding, cattery and dog kennel insurance. At Pet Business Insurance we understand the needs of Pet Sitters, Animal Minders and people offering In Home Pet Boarding. And, yes, I'm talking about buying insurance. Save money by comparing insurance quotes from multiple carriers. Get Premium Insurance Coverage Pet Sitters, Groomers, Dog Walkers and Pet Boarding Near You Get the 5 best nearby with just one request. We focus on the needs of small and medium sized businesses that provide GROOMING, ANIMAL TRAINING, PET SITTING, DOG WALKING, BOARDING and other closely related pet and animal services. Holly Burton worked with The Hartford to send me an invoice around Christmas. You can also compare quotes using the comparison service Simply Business. You can get a quote for dog boarding kennel insurance or cattery cover from Petplan Sanctuary. Browse cat, dog boarding, walking, grooming in Get 5 Best Quotes We received both. Pet Business Insurance Plumton Hall Whepstead Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP29 4SU United Kingdom. Public Liability will be included in your policy to cover you for injury to anyone who is not a member of staff or for damage to their property.

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