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Natural pearls are the definition of ‘perfection is in the imperfections’ – and that’s exactly why they’re so special. However, testing with the teeth is not accepted by many retailers. Of course, this one, without having had real pearls to hold to test against, won't do you much good. If there is friction when they are rubbed, the pearls are most likely real. Real Pearls will have a dividing line that separates the Nacre from the Nucleus center. Just like anything else created by Mother Nature, no two pearls are identical. Toss them gently up and down in your hand and feel the weight difference. It is about 23 inches long from clasp to clasp. For obvious reasons, this test isn’t perfect — judging the weight of a few small pearls can be tricky. World of Pearls Akoya Pearls Freshwater Pearls South Sea Pearls Tahitian Pearls Choosing Necklace Length Anniversary Gift Guide Pearls … In weight? Formation of Natural Pearls. Real pearls will be cool to the touch even if it's warm and will eventually warm as they sit against the skin. A pearl is a hard, glistening object produced within the soft tissue (specifically the mantle) of a living shelled mollusk or another animal, such as fossil conulariids.Just like the shell of a mollusk, a pearl is composed of calcium carbonate (mainly aragonite or a mixture of aragonite and calcite) in minute crystalline form, which has deposited in concentric layers. However, you shouldn’t be able to find any real pearl necklaces without these little protective ties. Light pearls are fake, but good glass fakes will have the same density as real pearls. Learn to distinguish between fake and real pearls - as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats. You can't tell real from faux on the basis of density alone if the pearls are heavy. Real Vs. Fake plastic pearls are light when compared to real pearls. Surface Quality is 90% clean of blemishes or better. Rub the pearl earrings gently together. Look around the drill holes. Use the Table of Contents below to navigate this article to view pictures and descriptions of the most common pearl colors. And as you might have guessed, the vast majority of fake pearls will likely feel warmer and stay at room temperature whether worn or not. However, Swarovski glass pearls are never sold as “real” pearls, so buyers are always sure of what they are buying. A Fake Pearl will generally appear lighter inside with a bigger Drill Hole. If you take a pearl necklace, knock the beads together and hear a metallic, thin sound, chances are you are holding a fake piece. Gauge the weight of the pearls in your hand. Most of these variations are made of glass, which are also cool to touch, just like genuine pearls. In most cases, it is easy to assess the quality of a pearly jewelry piece by simply taking a close look at its finishes. Real pearls are a precious gemstone made by oysters, mussels and various other bivalve mollusk species. Most real pearls feel somewhat heavy for their size. It may sound a bit strange, but using your teeth is a good tip on how to tell real pearls from fake. We did the "tooth test" and it is gritty feeling. Weight: Fake pearls are usually hollow or formed around a plastic base. Natural or wild pearls are typically found by shellfish harvesters purely by accident. 7. A pair of real pearl earrings should feel heavier than hollow plastic fakes. As an organic gem, pearls often display slight irregularities. Real pearls will have a drill hole that is quite smooth and usually doesn’t show any sign of chipping or discoloration. Gently rub two pearls in a strand together. They are the absolute opposite of traditional pearls because each one has its very own shape and size. You tried weighing your pearls and even gave the tooth test a try, but you are still not sure whether you are the owner of real pearls or just a quality batch of fakes. Fact is, real pearls have a radiance to them that can’t be duplicated and their reflective qualities are undeniable. They are closer to the weight of rocks or pebbles the same size. Shop: Pearl Necklaces - Direct to Consumer Prices, Shop: Pearl Earrings - Direct to Consumer Prices. Do the pearls look TOO good? On the first weighing you can weigh 6 of the pearls (3 on each side). The reason behind this fact is that jewelry designers do their best at preserving the integrity of the pearl, so they will drill the holes as delicately as possible. This final test is usually all that is needed to spot even the best fakes vs. real pearls. Below is a small collection of pictures featuring cultured pearls. I found Dr. Bronner's at TJMaxx. Feel beautiful every day with our stunning pearl earrings, bracelets and necklaces exquisitely crafted with luxury real pearls in sterling silver, gold vermeil, 18k gold and diamonds. What are the signs pearls you are about to buy are fake? However, black, gold up … If you are determined to find out whether your gorgeous pearl necklace features natural pearls, simply observe them closely using a magnifying glass. This next method of trying to identify the origin of your pearls might be a little invasive, but it is definitely 100% accurate. The color looks flat and lacks depth. The surface characteristics are those of real cultured pearls. Fake pearls tend to warm up in your hand much quicker than real pearls. For the best assessment, always make sure to test the pearls using at least three methods, including shape, radiance and texture. If they're real you should still feel a subtle grittiness to them. Pearls are beautiful and timeless on their own or added to a piece of jewelry. One of the most noticeable differences between real and fake pearls is the fact that they are quite different in texture. Real pearls will feel heavier when you pick them up. If you don't want to rub the pearls against your teeth, you can rub two pearls together. Fake pearls often show signs of melted plastic around the edges of the pearl. Real pearls are cold to touch. There are some really high quality fake pearls out there which can imitate the thermic properties of real pearls. Divide the pearls into groups of 4, 4, and 1. If what you’re hearing is the sound of a sandy texture, then you can assess that your pearls are real. Flaw Test: Real pearls have flaws, imperfections, and slight variances in color, shape, and texture. Examine the drill hole with a magnifying glass. Real pearls are cold to touch. Huge pearls will be heavy. Do they feel gritty or have resistance? Weight: Lastly, you can tell real pearls from fake is by feeling their weight. This slightly wrinkly texture might not be visible to the bare eye, but there is a very efficient way of testing it out. If they feel slightly gritty, they’re likely real pearl earrings. Much better photos! 15 Gorgeous Chunky Pearl … Real pearls don’t warm to the touch as quickly as imitation pearls. By comparison, while real pearls will initially feel cooler, they will adjust to your body temperature once you wear them. Real pearls will more often than not be finished with sterling silver or solid gold. Baroque pearls come in all shapes and sizes. From their extraordinarily radiant finish to their gorgeous shades and gracefulness, pearls masterfully capture the exquisite beauty of the mysterious ocean. The pearls are believed to cure fungal vaginal infections, PCOS, fibroids, bad odor and endometriosis. Favorite Answer. Wholesale Pearls Are Usually Bought by Pearl Weight When pearls are purchased wholesale, they are often purchased by weight in lieu of strands. Check for knots in the thread between pearls… ... Real pearls were not as readily available in the mid-century. Cultured pearls are real pearls, with a little help from the pearl farmer.

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