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The book is written as a motivational speech. Based on book by Dave Burgess What is a Pirate? I have a long commute to work and love audio books. Dear pregnant/young mom teacher: Dream small. You’re right, the #wltlap network is filled with great teachers, many of them personal friends, talking about ways to really engage learners. However, once I learned of the audio version I jumped at the chance to try again. I know the book and the author and his consulting group are terrifically popular with education professionals everywhere, including many teachers I respect and regularly interact with. If you don't pay attention to comprehensibility... Keeping the class engaged: Change activities, Twitter/relationships activity, just in time for Valentine's, Song, irregular present, part 2: Hace tiempo. I still feel most teachers could better spend their reading time with something else, but I wanted to be sure I was presenting my opinion in a professional way. I worked hard to make sure it did not read like a typical PD book. As an elementary teacher, there are some parts that don’t seem to apply, however, there are still many great ideas. | Musicuentos, Every story comes to an end. The explanations of the PIRATE system are followed by a section designed to give you a “toolbox” to teach well– like Burgess says, “it doesn’t matter how much content you teach, it only matters how much is received.”  He offers series after series of questions, well presented by themes, to get you thinking about how we can “hook” student attention and keep it (really, I’m surprised he didn’t relate the word “hook” to pirates- it’s a good pun). They are ideas that I strongly believe as an educator and it felt good to hear them again. (BlackBox), A conference in sound bytes: 6 quotes from KWLA '15, Cultura y Comunicación con Comerciales (KWLA '15), Novice description with a deep cultural AP twist, See you this year? One more question: Did you become proficient because of a class? It's my birthday - check out our presents! I tried to avoid a “personal” attack by making sure I mentioned this was my opinion about you as a writer (not as a teacher, being that I have never seen you teach, or present for that matter) and coming from my personal preference in reading professional books. Pirate is an acronym and Dave Burgess does a phenomenal job spelling out his ideas and using real examples from his classroom. Don't believe the hype. New Podcast: What kind of corrective feedback works? My own position statement: the why & how of TL use, This side of the Year of No Grades: How it changed (me), Seven things I will (should/would/might) do next year, Scaffolded reading: Novice Mid #authres "Places to Plans", NEW Summer PD: Brave Little Tailor CI strategies workshop, I am (Shakespeare): A practical, fun TL transition/brain break, Extra, extra! To teach like a pirate is an incredible forward thinking movement that brings everyone out of their shell and take educational content to new hieghts and levels to truest engage and inspire students! I've read books and gone to conferences looking for something truly inspiring with some "meat." When the textbookless teacher's creativity goes up in flames, Textbook as AID: #actfl16 slideshow and checklist, See you this year? Do you lack a sense of direction? Why? I kept waiting for the “how to” section that could spread across disciplines. When it comes to books I read for fun, I *love* reading books that inspire, motivate, and challenge me to … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Teach Like a PIRATE: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life as an Educator at Amazon.com. Burgess echoes a lot of the tenets you’ll hear repeated on Musicuentos: “Increase the fun factor,” and of course I latched onto the encouragement to “provide opportunities for autonomy and choice.”  Take advantage of opportunities to teach media literacy and critical thinking. Best of 2013: #5 - Can you control vocabulary? Low-level learners can't understand authentic media, what? Some have managed decent pep-talks and a few have had a good idea or two to try in the classroom. 1,355 global ratings | 714 global reviews, A few good ideas, but mostly just self-promotion for Dave Burgess, Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2018. Definitely a must read for educators. Hi. Like an Amazon reviewer said, “It really reads like a self-help book for fragile and discouraged teachers,”  and I agree, e.g. Read honest and unbiased product I will upload my paper that need to be rewritten. Conferences & workshops. So many positive reviews, let's give it a shot. I don’t pick up a professional development book to hear about someone who may “get their ass kicked,”  “I pride myself on flat out. (Black Box), Why it's I Can, not I Need or even I Want. I have applied several of his recommendations to retesters in biology (wholesome and passionate teaching with outside of the box thinking) and I've received lots of positive results.. engagement and classroom culture is much better.. etc, motivational speech and specifics not applicable, Reviewed in the United States on June 24, 2018. (FLANC '17). Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Conferences & Camp Musicuentos, Putting homework in their hands: Sample systems, Let's talk tacos: Informing parents & students on proficiency, Lesson plan: Indirect objects and celebrations (template too). Back to work: #AuthresAugust and This year consider... #Langchat history and more: Stories and perspectives for your listening pleasure. How can I help you put research to practice? It made such a difference to me to be able to hear the emphasis, enthusiasm, and excitement infused throughout. I also love many of the books you mention which have strong research to back them and are filled with multiple professional references. Resolve for 2016: Walk free, and pay it forward, Top post of the year: The 2015 updated rubric, Best of 2015 #2: The five things I must have in my syllabus. That’s just not the book I set out to write. Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2019. I don’t know Mr. Burgess, but I found his writing, as a professional education book, at times unnecessarily brutal, frequently arrogant, and almost always shallower than my preference in the genre. ), #AuthresAugust: Turning TripAdvisor reviews into a trip itinerary, This year, consider... 1) A vocabulary brainstorming station. I mean crêpes! But PIRATE is also an acronym for Burgess, referring to the essential ingredients for this type of teacher. ), Straw wars: #authres photo resources for Carrie Toth's Mar de plástico, Keys to an unforgettable, successful #unconference session, Crowdsourced tips: Toward a new, improved conference model. The best way to overcome the obstacles on your path to greatness is build up enough momentum through action that you can roll right over them. (BlackBox), Twitter Lingo for World Language Teachers, More resources for very early circumlocution, More TL in class is tough. Top subscription boxes – right to your door. Best of 2013: #6 - Is your lesson plan out of whack? By: Everett Tye “Teach Like a Pirate” by Dave Burgess is an incredibly helpful resource that would make for an excellent bookend of any educator's library. No, hold on, reading is always good, summer or not. -The Kinesthetic I found his descriptions of his seminar performances particularly tedious and manipulative. I promise you have creative ideas in you too – and Burgess helps you ask the questions that get you using them. I love this one – Burgess tells you (and I second it!) Quick tech to start your year: One-Click Timer, Quick Tech to start your year: Video DownloadHelper, Quick tech to start your year: Screencastify. Where are the points of agreement in language teaching? New: A language teachers' weekly chat on Twitter - choose our first topic! Authentic visual illustrations of proficiency (Spanish), Curriculum planning outside the textbook, Part 2, A week or more of working with Vivir mi vida, Curriculum planning outside the textbook: Part 1, Writing a restaurant review: Activity from Bethanie Drew, Putting a number grade on proficiency-based assessment, My favorite source for restaurant (and other) reviews, Guest post: A TPRS rebuttal by Carol Gaab, TPRS strategies I don't put in my toolbox, Repost: Valentine's #authres from Twitter, Guest post: What students need- A leader (David Seibel), Why Genius Hour can't work in a novice classroom. Research-based or not, we could sure use some more adventure and passion in our classrooms, so why not go teach like a pirate? You should hint that things in your content are inappropriate in order to grab and maintain attention (though, of course, the content would never be so). | Musicuentos, In the end, these are my favorite posts. (well, on Twitter), Interesting blog post about iPod as language lab, News article: appeal + subjunctive for influence, A high-interest exercise for imperfect/pasado continuo, My corporate Spanish links, all in one place, "Adora la Exploradora"-the week we didn't feel like a boring past-tense review, My level 1 and 2 stories (for Bethanie, and whomever else), Print & audio sources for AP synthesis essay re: efficient energy, Camila's new single: "Mientes" (release date 11/24! But as Burgess says, if you’re completely present and with your students while you’re teaching, regardless of activity, you’ll be more effective, and students will recognize it, and it will create an amazing…. At the same time, my goal is to help you create an inviting, engaging, and Have a great school year. In previous years, students had typed up their stories using Microsoft Word or Power Point. I’m proud of them for what they have built and encourage world language teachers to check it out. One question: What do you use your L2 for? I've thought about his ideas all summer, watched his videos, and listened to his podcaasts. Download Teach Like A Pirate Book PDF EPUB Tuebl Textbook Mobi. If you are burned out and frustrated with a school system that wants you to be the opposite, you will enjoy Burgess’s encouragement and suggestions. Let the PLN make your simmer sauce (w/Ratoncito Pérez resources), The $10 gift for EVERY teacher on your list, In search of music that says something real (#AuthresAugust), The alphabet book every Spanish teacher must have (#AuthresAugust), The best Spanish travel channels on YouTube (#AuthresAugust), #AuthresAugust: Blogging street signs in Madrid. Position your content as if it’s amazing (and in world languages, it is!). While the students were typing, I was able to go into the document and make some helpful remarks, questions or changes right as they were typing. I was disappointed and underwhelmed overall with this book. New resources: How frequent is that high-frequency word? Wrong. This is a very interesting book about making interesting lesson plans. Reviewed in the United States on February 10, 2018. Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess Categories - How can I make this lesson outrageously entertaining, engaging, and powerful so that my students will never forget it and will be desperate to come back for more? Banish negative thoughts from your classroom. The value of this book is not in the new ideas presented, but rather it is in the reminder of the role the teacher plays to make or break a subject area. Recently, I finished a great book by Dave Burgess, Teach Like a PIRATE. I emailed the author and promptly received a link to free posters and guides to helpful book study questions. Dave Burgess tries really hard to maintain a positive note of “I believe in teachers,” but I was really bothered by his off-and-on commentary on teachers who may be less passionate or those he calls “misguided and ill-informed critics [who] steal your enthusiasm.” (Or those who are good professional speakers but he’s sure they’d “get their ass kicked” in a real classroom; “sorry to say it, but you know I’m right,” “I know I’m being harsh, but I’m trying to make an important point.” But, of course, “we are all on the same team.” ). Best of 2015 #3: How important is task completion? I know that when I don’t get my technology ready ahead of time I lose my students while I do it in the middle of class and I have to regain attention and momentum, but it’s a good reminder for me. After hearing Burgess in a webinar through DitchThatTextbook’s Matt Miller, I knew this book would be worth the time to investigate. Semester 1 assessment: Elementary edition. I thought teaching like a pirate might have something to do with using other teachers ideas, but I was so wrong. Thank you for reading Teach Like a PIRATE and taking the time to write your thoughts about it. I know the book and the author and his consulting group are terrifically popular with education professionals everywhere, including many teachers I respect and regularly interact with. His ideas can be applied across multiple levels and disciplines. 5.0 out of 5 stars Insightful and true; Teach Like a PIRATE unlocks your full creative potential for beginners and veterans Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2018 This 5-star book is an amazing tool to implement in your classroom. 2014 Resolutions #4: Take a step outside the textbook. Let's do it anyway. Like Burgess says, there is no single answer for how to fix your classroom, and TLAP is no exception, but if you are a passionate teacher who strives for creativity and wants to reach every student, you will find some validation and some good ideas you  may not have thought of in TLAP. I love the Pirate Mentality in the Our students aren't the only ones who have speaking problems! Another small point, the Betty Friedan reference you mention has nothing to do with sex or sexual dissatisfaction, which you seem to imply. ACTFL '17: Novice PBLL, and adapt that text! And wow, Alfie Kohn. Plus, much of his advice is pretty obvious--you should be passionate? To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. The largest Spanish class PBLL collaboration ever? Let me tell you, it was a treat. ), App review & giveaway: Word Magic dictionary and thesaurus, Back to school: Musicuentos "first days" posts, Don't be fooled! He is the teacher we all wish we could be: passionate, fearless, … I highly recommend listening to this book. But you can do this. Special guest at (Base)Camp Musicuentos, Guest Post: What is "unconscious" acquisition in the classroom? Open registration for Camp Musicuentos '15, The M that trumps your method, materials, & madness, Shake things up: Vary your seating - every day, #Teach2Teach 3: A coach who failed me, and a coach who didn't, It's a myth, #11: Assessing communication without communication, My favorite authentic resource combining culture & calendar, #Teach2Teach Question 1: The Great Balancing Act, All new resource: Battleship for es / está, 2015 Resolution #3, Expand your learning network: New blogs to watch, 2015 Resolutions #2: Act like we're on the same team, 2015 resolution #1: Stop being so hard on yourself, Best of 2014 #1: Every language teacher's biggest mistake, Best of 2014 #6: Carol Gaab's rebuttal to my TPRS critique, Best of 2014 #2: Where I depart from classic TPRS, Book Club '14: Stella Bain, Gemma Hardy, & a bittersweet hotel, Book Club '14: Monuments Men, With the Old Breed, In Pharaoh's Army, Best of 2014 #3: Sample homework choice systems, Book Club '14: The Hobbit & The Scarlet Pimpernel, Book Club '14: A Step of Faith & Walking on Water (The Walk series), Best of 2014 #4 & #8: Curriculum planning outside the textbook, Book Club '14: Five Days at Memorial & Men We Reaped, Best of 2014 #9: Genius hour isn't a great idea for novice classes, Book Club '14: The Painted Veil & Life After Life, Best of 2014 #10: The new JCPS curriculum documents, Lessons from ACTFL '14: if they have all the answers, they're trying to sell you something, What's ahead: ACTFL, best of '14, and the book club, Linguacafé: The idea that rocked my interpersonal world, What we learned at IFLTA '14: Everyone struggles, Culture leads, Communicative teaching in the shadow of [grammar-focused] common assessment, Next on my PD list: New proficiency videos, What we learned at KWLA: share, think, respect.

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