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Beam Pro allows hospitals to achieve better utilization of resources, as well as to improve work efficiency and maintain a high quality. Drop and manage your media through the CMS which is available on the cloud portal. SMART Podium 500 Series Interactive Pen Display. Rent a Robot for your Tradeshow, Expo, Exhibition, Rent a robot, Robot Ads, Conference booth, Ads on bots, Service robot, Social robot, Digital signage Premium Support. The piece is attached to 2 lighting units which back-light the marketing piece. If you need faster shipping – call us and we can help. Since 2012 our robots have been all over the country – attending dozens of weddings, reunions, trade shows, corporate recruiting events, technology demos, museum openings and even a science competition at a leading university. Traditional camera dolly systems often require human operators and tracks. Design services start at $75 for simple layouts. Engage! Audio Kit (great for loud environments) 4. solutions@technologyone.net Pricing for the printed piece is $175 each and $50 for the lighting kits and consumables. Note – UPS Surge Pricing has taken effect as of November 1, 2020. Contact us – we have a special program designed to thank you and/or your family member for their service. Our Analytics provide a complete report of visitors age, gender,emotion and much more during each streaming. Note: At this time – shipping is available to the United States lower 48 states & most of Canada (with restrictions listed below). #teamwork. Base Robot 2. iPad 3. Other camera kits which weigh under 5 pounds and have a standard screw mount can be used (Insta360 & GoPro Fusion are viable). Let us know your needs and we can supply pricing. TELEPRESENCE MADE EASY. ---YesNo, Rental Type Class aptent tasociosqu ad litora torquent peer incepet mauris in erat justo. Cisco Codec C40. In terms of the cheapest telepresence robots, the Appbot Riley Home Safety Movable Camera Robot is one of the cheapest available telepresence robots, under 200 dollars. All our rental devices are the Double 2 devices with more lateral stability and “fast speed mode”. Take the weekly option. 1. Real Time Data Analysis allows to know your customer interaction. We’ve recently added our “guided tour” option. ---Daily Rental (Mon - Fri)Weekly RentalWeekend Rental (Sat / Sun)Service Member. Military Family Are you a an active duty, reserve or retired military family wanting to connect with your service member? Rickie the futuristic remote presence Segway riding Humanoid robot, SERVICES-RENTAL-RICKIE, They can also be of service with workshops. Learn How You Can Save Literally $1,000’s Using Telepresence Robots! Poly RealPresence Group Series. Accelerating data transfer and analysis at very high speed. We ship via UPS Ground from Atlanta (we can only SHIP robots – there are no pickups of robots allowed). Live 4K web teleconferencing service, your team can be present at any event and interact with clients through a two way streaming service. No need to schedule an employee or pay for unproductive time. $140 – Seattle. $140 – San Francisco Want to dress up your robot and make it a rolling billboard for your event or company? Robot arrives the day before your event and you ship it back the day after your event. That is the most refined way of video telephony which permits a very developed sense of fidelity of both sound and sight than what we have in old style of video conferencing. 3.2 out of 5 stars 16. All our rental devices are the new Double 2 devices with more lateral stability and “fast speed mode”. Learn More → Delivery Address Type Ruggedized Shipping Container with wheels (no trying to carry a 50 lb box using a handle… We have just the solution! ** There is a $100 cancellation fee if you cancel less than 7 days before your SHIPMENT date **. Weekend $499 This is for those weekend events – weddings, reunions, family gatherings. Video conferencing on wheels . Let us know what you need and we’re happy to provide options and pricing. ** Please Note ** – An Additional UPS pass-through charge of $50 is added to every rental. ORIGIBOT is the world's first affordable telepresence robot with an articulated arm and gripper option. If you need a 360° camera – we have them available, including memory cards. The Riley bott is controlled through an app and it has 720p HD footage available through a live stream, as well as IR night vision and a microphone that supports two way audio communication. Rent a robot for your event or seminar. If you are delivering to a residential address there is an additional cost from UPS. $639.75 $ 639. Robot Arrives on Friday and can be used Saturday & Sunday, return is on Monday. Cisco TelePresence IX5000 Series. is the most flexible and comprehensive Social Network listening platform on the market today. By renting a Double Robotics Robot at your next personal or corporate event, you can have someone from a remote location drive through the venue, engaging with attendees other and create a lasting memory for how you are able to ensure people can be where you want them without having to travel anywhere. We’ve can provide custom printed materials or we can provide the specs for you to print them.. We have created them with logos or with conference badges, etc. Here at TelepresenceRobots.com, we are driven not only by the aforementioned passion for telepresence robots, but also by the passion to serve others and to care for them as we would wish to be cared for. The new Ohmni Robot contains the highest resolution camera available in a telepresence robot. Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance of being present, or to have an effect, via telerobotics, at a place other than their true location.. Telepresence requires that the users' senses be provided with such stimuli as to give the feeling of being in that other location. (if you are a gmail user, make sure you check your spam folder for our response – we typically respond the same business day).

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