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There’s the Rotherhithe Tunnel, which is surely the most unpleasant experience one can have on a bike; incredibly hot and polluted, we seriously suggest you avoid this option completely. life of our city. cycling is a classic example of a weasel word. Thanks for this - I've recently moved to South London and was figuring out routes for crossing the river. When asked whether there should be an additional car tunnel across the Thames, a clear majority of Londoners – 60% – said the investment should go on improving public transport, safer cycling and walking. This comes against the backdrop of the Rotherhithe-Canary Wharf cycling and pedestrian bridge being dropped, despite the backing by 93% of respondents in a consultation. Bikes are allowed to use the tunnel, on the narrow single-lane roadway. We're based in York, but get around the UK a fair bit. the... Westminster Bridge proposed cycle trackI haven't blogged much recently. was in... As we emerge from coronavirus lockdown, is there a better summer holiday, a of using the tunnel,Katie. Rotherhithe Tunnel is open for walking & cycling but the conditions present a major deterrent. It feels like quite a slope out of there and you do your best to take shallow breaths or hold it till you're out. Transport for London (TfL) has begun an eight-week consultation on plans for a new pedestrian and cycling crossing across the Thames between Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf. Sadly, today is the end for the London endstream endobj 562 0 obj <. We use as a family car a Mitsubishi L200 and we only have a vehicle like this due to our hobbies, i.e. Norway Street to Rotherhithe Tunnel: TfL in discussions with local councils, plans due in coming months Rotherhithe Tunnel to Tower Bridge Road: Complete Work is continuing on the cycleway between Old Woolwich Road and Farmdale Road, which will see a safer crossing put in place for riders at the Angerstein roundabout . A new walking and cycling bridge would help transform East London by providing a vital transport link across the Thames between Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf. Rotherhithe (/ ˈ r ɒ ð ər h aɪ ð /) is a residential district in south-east London, England, and part of the London Borough of Southwark.Historically the area was the most northeastern settlement in the county of Surrey. The ferry service that operates between Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf is conveniently located, but expensive — £3.78 for a single with an Oyster card, or £5.98 for a return. A segregated cycle route between Tower Bridge Road and Rotherhithe was formally opened this week. explore t... *Originally published on April 4, 2014* Real cycling, as Jack knows, is not about cycling; it’s about what else it enables you to do. What you need to know, Living without engines and car free day in the Netherlands, Why is no one on the Mayor's team banging heads together? Well, officially, maybe. Cyclist Blog. I've been watching the new Mayor's team settle in and been gently talking As far as I know it has very big signs at the entrance saying no cyclists. In summer 2020, Tern announced that generation two of the GSD was Spends £10,000 NHS cash on a media campaign. h�b```� ,�w�@(� hear you cry. While the Greenwich Foot Tunnel is problematic (particularly if cycling volumes grow) other nearby options are arguably much worse. The other service I’d like to have a view on is North Greenwich/Maze Hill to Bromley by Bow/Stratford using the 108 24 hour bus service, to carry bikes through the Blackwall Tunnel. Severe Traffic (0) Essential works to keep the Rotherhithe Tunnel operational could cost as much as £178 million, according to Transport for London. The DfT traffic data for the Rotherhithe Tunnel was 30,618 vehicles per day in 2018 (down from 37,520 in 2003 when it was busiest). Lies, damned lies, and Euston cycle parking, Frozen out by bad bike parking on Old Kent Road, HGV Awareness, or How to make a policeman disappear, Thames Crossings 33: Tilbury-Gravesend Ferry, Thames Crossings 31 and 32: Dartford Crossing, Boris's cycle highways will start with Southwark, Thames Crossings 30: Woolwich Foot Tunnel, Thames Crossings 28: Greenwich Foot Tunnel. You could always go the Greenwhich Foot Tunnel way, Lewisham is a 5-10 min cycle from Greenwhich pier. Like anyone interested in city life, we like to keep our eyes on the street The stretch of Cycleway 4 along Tooley Street and Jamaica Road was officially opened for use on Tuesday. And, indeed, the book’s routes – from marked ones such as the Crab and Winkle way to bespoke back-lane delights – are rated for, say, pub and good-food opportunities en route. ��7>��8��{YK��M��n=����I�*���zuת���NF����Mq���O�u�� |Sc�Aٴof��i���Gv�ɕ��T-��R:��-���]�)��`��h``���``� @~3� �Dp�xP��A��@�� d� H �X$�~���8�I�ɍɐ���5�t�s��\l��-��n����T�[� �0�bZ� The Rotherhithe Tunnel is a road tunnel under the River Thames in East London, connecting Limehouse in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets north of the river to Rotherhithe in the London Borough of Southwark south of the river, designated the A101. better way to get a change of scene, than heading out on your bike to I'm going to be cycling from Limehouse to Surrey Quays tonight and Rotherhithe tunnel looks like by far the quickest route. Silvertown Tunnel: Londoners ‘would prefer public transport, walking and cycling boost’, poll finds The tunnel will feed into the congested A102 Blackwall Tunnel approach A majority of Londoners would prefer to see rather improvements to public transport and facilities for pedestrians and cyclists rather than a new tunnel under the Thames for cars, a survey released this morning suggests. God Save the Queen I Message 2013-04-26 14:40:13 Rotherhithe Tnl Will Be Closed Monday Between 2200-0500. According to Wikipedia just 20 pedestrians and 150 cyclists a day pass under the Thames through the Rotherhithe Tunnel; compare this with the 10,000 cyclists a day crossing London Bridge. 609 0 obj <>stream %PDF-1.5 %���� endstream endobj startxref It is hoped that the “turn up and go” ferry from Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf, which will link new and proposed cycle routes on either side of the river, will lead to more people walking and cycling for journeys between Southwark and Tower Hamlets. Admits it has zero evidence for its claim, Goodbye ibikelondon blog, hello Strategic Cities, Stay at Westwood Lodge to Ride Stage 1 of the Tour de France. reviews. The Rotherhithe Tunnel, while permitting cycling, is an extremely hostile cycling environment. It was formally opened in 1908 by George, Prince of Wales (later King George V), and Richard Robinson, Chairman of the London County Council. What's the national anthem of Great Britain? • Sustrans’ proposed cycling and walking bridge between Canary Wharf and Rotherhithe would provide over 13,000 clean, free commutes everyday. 0 %%EOF The vehicle should be electric and recharge at each end of the route. The Canary Wharf – Rotherhithe Ferry requires users to pay, and cyclists must dismount and face a time penalty. The TfL committee has concluded that the project should revert to the feasibility stage of development where strategic alternatives, such as a ferry service, can be reassessed. 561 0 obj <> endobj That would be unpleasant and dangerous, but at least produce some interestingly layered car-horn sound art in the slippery, hall-of-mirrors acoustic. The first pub on the left as you head away from the foot tunnel on the Greenwich side is really nice as well. on the... A photo from today's "commute", a round-triprider which brings me back home Pop quiz. �10�im��@���Aj(lYW8 i#�.u�r ��h As part of the works, the Rotherhithe roundabout has been redesigned and new pedestrian crossings along Jamaica Road have also been created. coming to a close. See attached poll summary. Click here for a larger version of the above map (PDF) ... although would not attract as many walking or cycling trips as a bridge or a tunnel; So I rigged up a mount for an air quality monitor and went through twice today. Bit stinky inside, but it was a fun ride. Astonishingly, 142 brave souls a day cycle through because, yes, you are allowed to cycle and walk through the tunnel if you like to be gassed by fumes! This is probably due to the very hostile environment for pedestrians and cyclists. We are consulting on creating a cycleway in the Rotherhithe area. I post a video of Rotherhithe Tunnel a couple days ago and there were a lot of comments about how bad the air quality was. Meanwhile, further details have emerged of a planned temporary cycling and walking bridge over the Thames at Hammersmith. The Rotherhithe Bridge opens a new chapter in the life of the River Thames and London. It was formally opened in 1908 by George, Prince of Wales, and Richard Robinson, Chairman of the London County Council. Thames Crossings 27: Hilton Docklands-Canary Wharf... City Hall: Just what the Bike Doctor ordered, Westminster juice points: It's your leccy day, By-pass the lethal Elephant. The opinion poll also shows Londoners believe a new cross-river road tunnel will INCREASE, not decrease, car use. I cycle through Rotherhithe tunnel occasionally and agree with John Murtagh - the best option is to cycle on the pavement, although it's slightly rough and can be dangerous if anyone decides to walk/cycle against the flow (has happened once), and the long ride out is extremely sweat-inducing. The Rotherhithe Bridge Action Group are pleased to announce that TfL have 'paused' development work on the proposals for a walking and cycling bridge between Canary Wharf and Rotherhithe. The Rotherhithe Tunnel was built in 1908 and was not designed to cope with modern levels of traffic. Wooo, my first time through there yesterday. Figure 1 – Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf section of the River Thames under consideration for a new crossing. Currently however, t... All good things must come to an end. 579 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<3CD4086169ABD44A85FCBB7030FB15A0>]/Index[561 49]/Info 560 0 R/Length 95/Prev 1235683/Root 562 0 R/Size 610/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream It is an extremely rare example … Future cycling demand is predicting there will be a significant desire to\from Peckham and beyond, with up to 150 cyclists using the route during the peak period, in the event of a free ferry crossing being developed. I’ve long held the suspicion that the use of ‘encouragement’ in relation to It's not about lycra. I remember cycling N>S down the Rotherhithe tunnel at 2am once - as the tunnel bottoms out you can see the light dim under the toxic cocktail of diesel particulate, brake dust and non specific photochemical soup. Our proposed pedestrian and cycle bridge will connect south east London to the docklands peninsular and make sustainable transport a life changing option for thousands of commuters. The expected cost range of the Rotherhithe Tunnel works was revealed this week in a written answer by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan to a question tabled by Liberal Democrat London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon. TfL is making enforcement of vital safety restrictions in the Rotherhithe Tunnel stricter to stop vehicles that are more than two metres (six foot six inches) wide or two metres high, or goods vehicles weighing more than two tonnes, from endangering other road users by entering the tunnel. The original Tern GSD electric cargo bike, released in 2017 received rave It's not about racing, or saving the world, or crossing the Nullarbor Plain alone except for the film crew. London hospital claims Westminster Bridge bike lane will be 'dangerous' for cyclists & pedestrians. At one point I was doing 25 (20 speed limit), and had WVM breathing down my rear, I … The proposal forms part of the Mayor’s wider package of river crossings and new walking and cycling infrastructure in east London set out in his Manifesto and draft Transport Strategy. Except you can't, Thames Crossings 18 and 19: Jubilee Bridges, Farage's anti-cyclist article shows car users fear loss of control, The updated Tern GSD e-cargo bike. Message 2013-04-26 14:40:13 East India Dock Tunnel Will Be Closed On 20th May 2200-0500. I didn't observe a single pedestrian or cyclist in the tunnel. I created the blog back in 2007 because I was frustrated at I know cycling is allowed there, but is it a good idea? Transport for London took over ownership and maintenance of the tunnel in 2001. h�bbd```b``� ��+��-�d}"�>��B��Y`v+��f��~���`q%0{/�����$cȄ��~10120 �U �?��' �9m Those of a cake-stop or pub-destination mindset will know exactly what I mean. From were you turn off near Aldgate East the roads are all pretty big up to and past Tower Bridge so you shouldn't loose much time. The last time that I travelled in any kind of motorized vehicle The latest breaking news, comment and features from The Independent. Signs at the Rotherhithe Tunnel state vehicles more than two tonnes in weight are banned from entering the area due to safety concerns. to peopl... After six years of incredible cycling experiences, ibikelondon blog is But emotionally, I don't think so. That journey today is a choice between a fume-filled traffic tunnel, waiting for a ferry or a narrow and busy foot tunnel. Very useful to have this account (and film!) Pedestrians and cyclists are technically allowed through the Rotherhithe Tunnel, but it’s an intimidating prospect with only a handful of walkers running that gauntlet each day. Sad state of affairs regarding Rotherhithe Tunnel weight restrictions. It is located on a peninsula on the south bank of the Thames, facing Wapping and Limehouse on the north bank, and is a part of the Docklands area. In practice, the cyclists that do … to work. It is an extremely rare example of a road tunnel where road traffic, pedestrians and cyclists all share the same tunnel bore.

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