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(IMBUIA) (Phoebe Porosa) OTHER COMMON NAMES: *Brazilian Walnut, Imbuya, Canela Imbuia, Amerela Note: *Not a true Walnut, but it’s similarity in color carried this trade name in years past. Thank you for choosing the Best! The Gallo frame is a vintage, round, unisex frame with timeless appeal. Origin Central and Western Africa Names Ebony, Mgiriti, Msindi (Tanzania), Omenowa, Kanran, Nyareti, Kukuo, African Ebony. Most of what is available as veneer is flowery in appearance and rotary produced. Definition of imbuia. The trees typically reach 40 meters in height and 1.8 meters in trunk diameter. The density of Imbuia Flooring is about 60% of that of Wenge.. Grades of Imbuia Flooring: Clear grade Imbuia flooring is not color-sorted and has wild color variations, ranging from dark browns to light tans. NEW IN THE BOX WITH FACTORY WARRANTY. This chair invites relaxation and coziness, offering a comfort reminiscent of a hammock. Origin: Brazil: Avg. Lumber, Baboen, Mahogany, Imbuia, Balsa. Definition of imbuia. It is an excellent decorative material for interior work, hard and durable. BLOCK PUZZLE WOODY ORIGIN FEATURES - Free, simple and fun puzzle that keeps your brain sharp and boost memory. Portuguese common names (with variant spellings) include embuia, embúia, embuya, imbuia, imbúia, imbuya, canela-imbuia. Characteristics: Heartwood is yellow-olive to chocolate brown, with variegated streaks and stripes. The wood is also fragrant with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon(also a member of the Lauraceae). TERMS You can email us with any questions. The Goddard and Townsend craftsmen of Newport are well known for their undercut ball and claw with an opening between the talon and ball. Origin v10.4.74-2488-17788bfc. "The Plant List: A Working List of All Plant Species", "Identification of Four Wood Species by an Electronic Nose and by LIBS", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ocotea_porosa&oldid=951535000, Taxonbars with automatically added basionyms, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 April 2020, at 17:18. The style is made distinct by its brown lenses and natural frame, crafted from imbuia – a dark wood that retains deep, rich colour and interesting grain patterns. Not only are there questions of sustainability (i.e., given the current rate of harvesting, can a particular species continue to reproduce at a sustainable rate so that demand will not outstrip supply? Scientific Name: Phoebe porosa Other Names and Species: Canella Imbuia Embuia Embuya Imbuya Origin: Southern Brazil Appearance: The tone and color variation to be found in this wood resemble that of American walnut — hence the nickname “Brazilian walnut.” The heartwood of imbuia may be either plain in appearance or beautifully figured and variegated, with […] Hamsa – the literal meaning of the word ‘hamsa’ is five. It was awarded first prize at the IV Furniture Bienal in Italy. Our products offer the perfect levels of sustainability and quality. It is commonly called imbuia or Brazilian walnut because its wood resembles that of some walnuts (to which it is not related). This site requires JavaScript to function properly. The sapwood is in contrast to the heartwood because it tends be be grayish in color. Characteristics: Straight grained with fine texture and occasional wavy or curly figure.Heavy, durable, and moderately hard. WOOD DESCRIPTION LOG DESCRIPTION Color: Sapwood: Texture: Grain: Interlocked grain: Diameter: Thickness of sapwood: Floats: Log durability: from to cm from to cm Note: Heartwood yellow brown to dark brown with irregular thin darker veins. Pleasant scent. ), but theres also the matter of habitat destruction (i.e., even if a tree species can be sustainably harvested from the wil… Ocotea porosa is a species of plant in the Lauraceae, often placed in the related genus Phoebe. Handmade in Woodstock, Cape Town Temples fitted with spring hinges for comfort Lenses are highest CR39 polarized/UV400 C... $159.00. Characteristics: Straight grained with fine texture and occasional wavy or curly figure. The Imbuia Wood Flask is wrapped in exotic sustainable rainforest wood, providing an unmatched feel to the touch and a subtle elegance. AFRICAN EBONY (Diospyros crassiflora) An exquisite black color with some spot light grey or beige, it is a very heavy and very hard wood (sinks in water) of very fine and uniform texture. It's FUN, simple and 100% RELAXING guaranteed! Additionally, leather also adorns the top cap to add a touch of elegance and avoid finger marks. Fine grits, such as #220, are frequently used for a final light sanding just before applying stain to the wood. - Easy to play, hard to master. In its native habitat it is a threatened species. In 2018, the countries that had a largest trade value in exports than in imports of Lumber, Baboen, Mahogany, Imbuia, Balsa were Ecuador ($68.1M), Ghana ($52.8M), … Characteristics: Heartwood is yellow-olive to chocolate brown, with variegated streaks and stripes. I: 6. Word in 6 letters. Word in 6 letters. 4 STEEL STRINGS. In times past, this medium-density wood was a heavily-used utility wood and was a staple in the paper / pulp industry … then Dutch Elm Disease showed up, and its numbers have been decimated since continually gathering steam. Imbuia is quickly becoming very popular. To get access to all Origin features, please go online.

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