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User experience is given greater focus and investment, with developments in design, accessibility, performance and user journeys. Sign up to receive a newsletter on how to engage employees and improve communications with your intranet. Exempt Employees, Non-Exempt Employees, and the Fair Labor Standards Act . "Inter" (as in Internet) means "between" or "among." LumApps’ Social Intranet is a corporate platform that facilitates both top-down communication and peer-to-peer discussions. Intranets, as we know and recognize them today, are far removed from the earliest versions in the corporate market and show great flexibility to evolve and change with wider technological trends. It was once called the internal communication “term of the year” by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) based on the new reality that people are working digitally more than ever before. It can create new customers – as individuals in employees’ direct network are more likely to be converted by content shared by them personally, as opposed to branded communication. It’s what an intranet definition is in simple, everyday language. Full-time and part-time employees have ongoing employment (or a fixed-term contract) and can expect to work regular hours each week. Empowerment is the process of enabling or authorizing an individual to think, behave, take action, and control work and decision-making about their job in autonomous, independent, self-directed ways. Reading Time: 4 minutes Selecting a partner for your employee intranet solution is a decision that will impact your employees for the next several years. An intranet. An employee is someone who works under an employment contract. The slovenly slacker. Intranet platforms are really a system and service to the employees, so if they are functioning well, employees will be pleased and content with their positions. Employee turnover rate aligns with the theme of employee satisfaction. Unlike public websites, which enable organizations to communicate and broadcast their value proposition to customers, users and, in general, external stakeholders, Intranets are meant to enable internal communication and collaboration. Help desk features were introduced, enabling users to perform transactional processes such as finding colleagues on the employee directory, performing basic HR functions such as booking absences or searching for information. An intranet software is software that allows companies to build a private, secure network that can only be accessed by internal employees. While the term “digital workplace” is much more common now, it stirred up some controversy in the past. Intranets also enable communications, both company-wide and peer-to-peer. In effect, they are now all one and the same. A person may be an employee in employment law but have a different status for tax purposes. The rise of social media has transformed the way we connect and communicate in our personal lives. An intranet is an effective way for a company to share company updates, store files, connect employees, and to collaborate with teams or departments across borders. Intranets have come a long way since first creeping onto the digital scene back in the 1990s. Recognizing the value of these tools, many intranets began to follow suit and integrate basic social functions including limited blogging tools, wikis and discussion forums. Why do my employees keep quitting? Definition: Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. Gone are the days when going to work only meant commuting to the office and doing your job during office hours. A collaboration tool? Make all employees aware of your organization's mission, vision, values, goals, and guidelines so they can funnel their involvement in the organization's needed and appropriate directions. However, the most common uses of an intranet will include: This list is far from extensive: but when considering an intranet project, these are typical objectives that make it onto the intranet business case. The term is used in contrast to public networks, such as the Internet, but uses most of the same technology based on the Internet Protocol Suite. Is it a website? Intranet Law and Legal Definition. When the concept of Web 2.0 was popularized in 2004, it represented a huge shift in the way digital information was managed. It’s being googled a lot. An intranet is a network internal to an enterprise that uses the same methodology and techniques as the internet but is accessible only to employees. It's the most effective way to gauge employee satisfaction, identify employee development gaps and uncover problems before they lead to employee turnover. Intranets are the virtual hub of collaboration in organizations. An intranet is simultaneously a discussion forum, a news feed, an org chart, an employee directory, an event calendar, and a document repository. That's the intranet definition. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. These types of factors can be a part of an employee experience strategy, but they do not supplant a holistic and long-term approach to creating happy, loyal and productive employees. Configuring your intranet as an identity provider and integrating with your other business systems with Outbound Single Sign-on (SSO) allows employees to choose one, secure password for all their business needs, reducing vulnerability. Importance of Training Now, the intranet was no longer about one-way communication from the top down: it was a place for conversations. The solution simplifies access to all corporate content, social discussions, and business communities in one place. 1990s: The World Wide Web explodes into wide commercial use. The term is used broadly to cover all leavers, voluntary and involuntary, including those who resign, retire or are made redundant, in which case it’s describing overall, or ‘crude’, employee turnover. An internal communications platform? The benefits of employee motivation go beyond just keeping employees happy at work and increasing employee morale. ThoughtFarmer a product of ThoughtFarmer Inc. ©2020 All rights reserved. Employee communication is often defined as the sharing of information and ideas between the management of an organization and employees and vice versa. This is, of course, a very wide definition of an intranet’s purpose. How do intranets achieve these objectives? Communities began to appear, as early forms of collaboration emerged. An extranet is used, to share business information or operation with vendors, suppliers or business partners. Some of the most popular include extranets and portals, which are often used interchangeably – causing confusion. Embracing the digital workplace can also have positive effects on a key organizational priority: employee engagement. Food for thought. Recent years: Sweeping up developments in social media, intranets now give precedence to user profiles and incorporate an array of social features, such as @mentioning, #tagging, microblogging or commenting. An intranet is a computer network for sharing information, collaboration tools, operational systems, and other computing services within an organization, usually to the exclusion of access by outsiders. Employee self-service (ESS) provides employees access to their personal records and details. In practice, this means that an intranet is a system used by an organization to keep its resources private, yet still allow its members to access those resources from their own computer. 1-888-694-3999 North America / +1 604-566-8300 Intl International Some intranet software has a special section with information on how to carry out key processes within the organization. While the internet connects many people to many websites, an intranet is a website that connects people inside an organization. 76% of network intrusions exploit weak or stolen passwords. Uses of intranet What is intranet used for? An intranet is a private enterprise network, designed to support an organization’s employees to communicate, collaborate and perform their roles. They will feel empowered in the workplace and supported by the company. The most successful intranets, therefore, are those that are able to personalize the information pushed to each user, using built-in intelligence and usage data to push relevant and timely content. Research, telemetry and usage data now demonstrate the irrefutable role intranets have to play in shaping the employee experience and, ultimately, driving positive business outcomes. Completing work across multiple systems that don’t talk to one another can result in a duplication of effort, information becoming lost or outdated, and ultimately results in poor employee – and customer – experiences. An intranet provides a business-wide solution to your internal comms needs. In essence, however, a corporate intranet is aimed to connect employees to perform different functions. The five-purpose model can help frame your overall vision, define your intranet strategy and come up with a plan to engage your audience. How to you define an intranet from other related tools? Where once the Microsoft Office suite formed the beginning and end of the business technology stack, we now have a tool or application for every niche task, department or role possible. The intranet has been around since the 1990s, but previously only performed basic functions such as document storage. Now, the way people live and work is drastically different. This module has the functions of transfer, promotion, pay revision, re-designation, deputation, confirmation, pay mode change and letter form.

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